Welcome to the Classical Martial Arts Centre - Mississauga

Our martial arts school in Mississauga offers classes for children (4-8; 9-12 years), youth (13-17 years), and adults (18 years and up) during the day and evenings. Lessons are offered in karate; tai chi, qi gong, pa kua; kobudo; and arnis(escrima / kali). Click the photo above for the age group of interest. With a rich history and a foundation in classical values, we focus on a quality martial arts education as an investment in our self-development (or our children); our health, fitness, and overall wellness; and our positive contribution to our global environment.

Ask us about implementing a martial arts program at your school! Contact us for details.

We also offer seminars, demonstrations, private lessons, and classes for your workplace or function at your choice location, in karate, tai chi, kobudo, and arnis.

Interested in health and fitness? We have trainers who can help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals.

Our web site has helpful information for martial arts parents and adults, a blog for news and events, and an exclusive area for current students. Read feedback from parents and students. If interested in enrolling yourself or your child in the martial arts, please select the appropriate age group and/or program (karate, kobudo, tai chi, arnis) of interest from the photos above. Contact us to book a courtesy class and assessment at no charge, or visit us during our regular hours. Energize your life and discover martial arts training with a difference!

Classical Martial Arts Centre - Mississauga

Yume Da Po Dojo
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