Classical Martial Arts Centre Mississauga

Our martial arts school in Mississauga offers classes for children (4-7; 8-12 years), youth (13-17 years), and adults (18 years and up) during the day and evenings. Lessons are offered in karate; tai chi, qi gong, pa kua; kobudo; and arnis (escrima / kali).

Running for a decade, with a rich history and a foundation in classical values, the Classical Martial Arts Centre (CMAC) Mississauga focuses on hard work, diligent study, and excellence in its instructors and students to create a standard of quality in the martial arts in the city of Mississauga and beyond. Our goal is the development, refinement, and elevation of the student through the training and study of martial arts: the student's health, fitness, and overall wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, to cope and manage with conflicts that arise in daily life.

We have two training halls: the main school, Dai Ichi, on Dream Crest Road, dedicated for beginners in karate, and the second school, Dai Ni, geared specifically for higher levels of training in karate at third kyu (green belt) and higher. We are the only martial arts school in the city, or even the GTA, offering this type of graduated school system, similar to elementary school students graduating to middle school. We are affiliated, along with twenty other martial arts schools, with one of Canada's oldest (over thirty years in existence) and largest professional martial arts organizations, Classical Martial Arts Canada.

Ask us about implementing a martial arts program at your school! Contact us for details.

We also offer seminars, demonstrations, private lessons, and classes for your workplace or function at your choice location, in karate, tai chi, kobudo, and arnis.

Interested in health and fitness? We have trainers who can help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals. Private lessons also offered in all martial arts programs.

Our web site has helpful information for martial arts parents and adults, a newsfeed for updates and events, and an exclusive area for current students. Read feedback from parents and students. If interested in enrolling yourself or your child in the martial arts, please select the appropriate age group and/or program (karate, kobudo, tai chi, arnis) of interest.

Contact us to book a courtesy class and assessment at no charge, or visit us during our regular hours. Energize your life and discover martial arts training with a difference!

"I cannot say enough good things about this dojo, all of the teaching staff and the students. The experience has been incredible."| "Sensei Bassels and the teachers at the dojo demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, honour and dedication. They are an inspiration to all members of our community irrespective of age, gender, religion or background."| "As a parent, I am very grateful for the lessons being taught to my children. Classes are very organized and split into levels to address all the needs of students."| "Thank you to your wonderful team for the great work that you provide on a daily basis, challenging our children in being better human beings. We are very fortunate to have you."| "I would highly recommend anyone seeking quality to come to this school. No cheap tricks. If you want value at a fair and affordable rate, then this is the school for you."| "I really noticed the difference in behaviour and attitude when my son was training and when he was not. The improvement is evident."| "My daughter really enjoys going to the dojo. Sensei teaches not only practical martial arts but values and life skills as well, which is very important for teenagers. The instructors are great role models for the students who look up to them."| "You always leave the class feeling better and re-energized than when you first came in. Sometimes it is difficult to get to class because of all the stuff going on--work, family, home, commitments, etc., so you really have to commit and set the time aside for yourself. At the end, you always say to yourself 'I am so glad I attended class today!'"

Classical Martial Arts Centre Mississauga

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