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Arnis Program

Arnis - Filipino martial art of sticks, blades, and empty hand
Program Pre-requisites/Requirements

Arnis is the product of many styles of knife and empty hand fighting that evolved throughout the Filipino archipelago of the Pacific. The sticks used are called yantok (Filipino term) or baston (Spanish term). The purpose of the sticks was to provide a safe manner of training in knife fighting. Gradually, the sticks took on a soul of their own and became the foundation element of this art. Various styles from many islands make up the body of arnis, though all styles adhere to good footwork, distancing, and attitude. It is here that lessons will begin. The main classics that we study are: Krusada (Espada y daga / Doble Baston), Dikitan, Palis Palis, Abaniko, Sungkite, Todo Salpukan, Labugay, Redonda, and Kuridas, and these styles will serve to make up the larger body of the lessons.

The arnis curriculum and format adhere to the standards of the International Modern Arnis Federation (IMAF) of Manila, Philippines, of which the school and its arnis instructors are members of. Ranks and certifications are awarded through IMAF. CMAC Mississauga is the official school for IMAF arnis in Ontario, Canada.

"He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination."

Jose Rizal, Philippine national hero, doctor, artist, writer, and arnisador

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