Ms R Bassels

Ms R Bassels
Instructor - Niei Chi beginner class

Ms Bassels has been practicing the energy arts for over forty years. She has studied and practices yoga, tai chi chuan, qi gong, and ba gua diligently every day.

Her education in niei chi (internal energy arts) comes from many schools: the Daoist Society Tai Chi school, Classical Martial Arts Centre Mississauga, and currently, the Honbu Dojo (headquarters) of Classical Martial Arts Canada, under the guidance of Hanshi Wallace Platt. She complements her training by attending several seminars every year. In 2011, she traveled to China to expand her knowledge in the art, training in the Purple Cloud Temple in Mt Wudang, the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan.

She holds a Level II instructor certification in Niei Chi (Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Ba Gua) and teaches her own classes on Friday mornings at CMAC Mississauga.

Director and Head Instructor

Sensei JRP Bassels


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