Ms R Samson

Ms R Samson
Instructor - Karate-do and Kobudo 6th to 1st Kyu; Niei Chi beginner class; Arnis Baguhan to Taga-akay
Head of Dojo Administration

Riezl Samson was born and reared in the Philippines, which set the backdrop for learning awareness and life skills. At a young age, having to deal with a family member's death, as well as the grave illness of another, taught her responsibility, determination, and positive attitude, the same values she exemplifies to the students of the school.

She earned a scholarship to finish high school, and shortly after, migrated to Canada to pursue her post-secondary studies in Toronto, Ontario.

At the same time, she also started her martial arts education at Classical Martial Arts Centre of Mississauga. She continues to train in Goju Ryu Karate, Kobudo, Niei Chi, and Arnis under Sensei Bassels, as well as pursuing her Filipino martial arts training directly in the Philippines with the Modern Arnis Federation. She has also consistently attended seminars by Hanshi WM Platt, patriarch of Classical Martial Arts Canada, over the last decade.

Complementing her training is instruction received from the Inosanto arnis school in the United States, along with two training trips to China: Zhengzhou (North) and Quanzhou (South) Shaolin wushu, Wudang Taoist tai chi chuan, and Yongchuan White Crane system.

She holds a 3rd degree in karate, 1st degree in kobudo, 1st degree (Dayang) in arnis, and 2nd level in niei chi. Aside from being an instructor, she is also an administrator for CMAC Mississauga, and is also a parent of two energetic young boys.

Director and Head Instructor

Sensei JRP Bassels


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