Instructors of Classical Martial Arts Centre Mississauga

CMAC Mississauga's Instructors

All instructors have to meet certain criteria of fitness, skill, consistency, experience, and commitment to the training. They earn a martial arts teaching certification in the program they are allowed to teach, a recognition separate from their training achievement. They continue to lead responsible lives and are examples to those they lead.

Each instructor's teaching certification needs to be renewed every twelve months and is earned through consistent training, keeping up a fitness regime, diligent study, travel and research, and commitment to teaching. All instructors must have apprenticed under the school's head instructor (Sensei) for a minimum of one year upon receiving the minimum rank(s) required: Shodan (first degree black belt) for karate and kobudo; Instructor Level I for niei chi; and Taga-akay (Instructor Level 4) for arnis. Our instructors have years of experience in the martial arts, both training and teaching, and they share this knowledge, guided by the wisdom of their living, to those who choose to train.

Director and Head Instructor

Sensei JRP Bassels


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A Sensei
5000 begin
2500 train hard on a regular basis
1250 assist in classes whenever they can
625 go to every seminar they can
300 compete and demonstrate
100 become black belts
50 teach
25 become nidans
Few will become a Sempai
1 will become a Sensei

Bob Dalgleish, father of Canadian Goju Ryu

Classical Martial Arts Centre Mississauga