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Classical Martial Arts Canada

Classical Martial Arts Canada is a governing body for affiliated professional and semi-professional martial arts schools in Canada. The purpose of CMAC is to ensure the levels of knowledge and proficiency standards remain high. Ongoing training and development of associated instructors and their students is its top priority. CMAC interfaces with other martial arts organizations, both nationally and internationally, to make available seminars and research trips to its members. We are committed to do our part as Canadians to develop traditional martial arts and promote the goodwill for the benefit of all who would participate.

Who can or needs to be a member of the CMAC organization?
Any student of any age enrolled in any program of any CMAC affiliated school may become a member of CMAC. Students grading for 3rd kyu (green belt) and higher are required to be CMAC organizational members, along with students grading for black belt (Karate or Kobudo) and Level I instructor (Niei Chi) and beyond.

What is the difference of being a CMAC member and a CMAC student?
Classical Martial Arts Centre is the martial arts school where students are enrolled at. Classical Martial Arts Canada is the martial arts organization where students and schools can be members or affiliates of. Enrolling at a CMAC school makes one a student of that school, but not automatically a CMAC organizational member. Fees for being a CMAC student and a CMAC member are separate.

How do I become a CMAC member?
Fill out the CMAC registration form and submit with your payment in cash to administration.

Though you may benefit from a grading savings or a seminar, also remember that CMAC exists nationally due to members, through a sense of solidarity and support. Membership fees also go toward the administration and time it takes to maintain your membership, and the organization behind it. The fee is used productively to ensure the ongoing existence and growth of the organization itself. CMAC also supports and donates to various environmental and charitable organizations, so your membership makes a difference. Your annual due is more than a fee—it is the smallest of support that makes big things exist.

Benefits of a CMAC Membership

Here are just a few:

  • International recognition of rank
  • Discounts on gradings
  • Exclusive participation in seminars, training trips, and events
  • The privilege to wear the CMAC diamond on your uniform
  • Affiliation with one of Canada's largest and oldest martial arts organization

Annual events

Come and participate!

  • Winter, spring, and fall seminars
  • Winter, spring, and fall black belt gradings
  • Earth day training weekend
  • Fundraisers for various charities

Affiliate schools

Click here for a list of CMAC member schools.

Organizations supported

"To the questions of your life, you are the answer; to the problems of your life, you are the solution."

Hanshi WM Platt, Patriarch of Classical Martial Arts Canada

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