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B. L., adult student (karate, kobudo)
I cannot say enough good things about this dojo, all of the teaching staff and the students. The experience has been incredible. As a CEO for a global financial services company, I have met many thousands of people who all have a story and a philosophy on life. Sensei Bassel and the teachers at the dojo demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, honour and dedication. They are an inspiration to all members of our community irrespective of age, gender, religion or background. I would urge anyone thinking of studying martial arts to come along and experience the wisdom for themselves. 'Training is the Way'

S.P., adult student (karate) and parent 4-7 class
As a parent, I am very grateful for the lessons being taught to my children at both the younger age group and the teenager age group. Classes are very organized and split into levels to address all the needs of students. As a student myself, it's hard work, but very rewarding. I would highly recommend anyone seeking quality to come to this school. No shortcuts, no nonsense, no cheap tricks. If you want value at a fair and affordable rate, then this is the school for you.

B.A., parent 8-12 class
Happy new year to all of you! May God bless you Sensei and your wonderful team for the great work that you provide on a daily basis, challenging our children in being better human beings. We are very fortunate to have you. Thank you so much.

A.M., parent 8-12 class
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for your encouragement and your motivational words to my son. He appreciated that one has to do what he has to do! It helps to have other mentors in his life beside his parents. Keep up the great work!

V. V., adult student (karate, arnis, tai chi)
After my Sensei (Sensei J Bassels) opened the Classical Martial Arts Centre in my neighbourhood, and I signed up for martial arts, I realized that I did one of the best things in my life. I’m very grateful to my Sensei who has been a great teacher throughout the years. I believe that I met him at the right time of my life. As a result of my training, I learned how to be a better person, and he helped make me who I am today.

J. Edwards, parent 8-12 class
I really noticed the difference in behaviour and attitude when my son was training and when he was not. There was also an instance in school when someone was picking on him--and he defended himself well!

S. Brian, parent 8-12 class
My children need to be pushed more, and I am happy that they are being pushed in class because their best comes out when doing difficult things. I completely agree with the school policy that they do not get their next belt unless they really deserve it and work hard for it.

B. Cone, parent 4-7 class
Even my friends are noticing the change in behaviour in my child. They keep telling me to keep him training, and I will.

J. Adams, parent 4-7 class
We continue to be very proud of our son and his accomplishment. He loves being part of the dojo and he takes time at home to practice his training. We are happy with the decision we made to sign him up for your Classical Martial Arts Centre and can't wait for his sister to join him next year.

J. Brott, adult student (karate) and parent 4-7 class
I did months of research for a good martial arts school in the area for myself and my daughter. Martial arts has helped me a lot in the past, so I understand the impact that a good martial arts school has on a person's life. Sensei Bassels is an excellent Sensei, quite different from other Senseis I've had in the past, a very refreshing change from most Senseis. There is also a great culture with fellow students of the dojo. So if you are in the Toronto area and looking for an amazing Goju-ryu Sensei, with proven & practical experiences, look no further.

B. Robinson, adult student (tai chi chuan)
Tai chi chuan is great for a person's overall health and well-being. I have trained in other schools before, but I chose CMAC for their unique approach--simple, practical, and applying the Eastern arts into our hectic Western lifestyle. You learn something new about yourself and the art each time you come to class.

O. Kramer, adult student (tai chi chuan) and parent youth class
Tai chi is very relaxing, and I do it for stress relief. I felt like I needed something to detox my mind. My daughter also trains in the teenage class, and I like it that she has to work hard each class because that is how it will be in life as she grows up.

D. Mason, adult student (karate)
You always leave the class feeling better and re-energized than when you first came in. Sometimes it is difficult to get to class because of all the stuff going on--work, family, home, commitments, etc., so you really have to commit and set the time aside for yourself. At the end, you always say to yourself "I am so glad I attended class today!"

R. Smith, parent youth class
My daughter really enjoys going to the dojo. Sensei teaches not only practical martial arts but values and life skills as well, which is very important for teenagers. The instructors are great role models for the students who look up to them.

D. Dennis, parent 8-12 and kids' kobudo class
We drive over an hour each way, every week, to take our son to martial arts. He loves his training, especially with weapons. I have seen the positive changes in him since he started training--he is becoming a stronger person inside and out. We looked around for a place closer, but we there is not a school like this, and we wish for him to continue to be educated by Sensei Bassels.

S. Anthony, parent 4-7 class
I feel fortunate that my daughters are being educated at a school that respects all faiths and religious beliefs. The values taught are at a universal and human level. I want to keep my daughters training here for as long as possible.

K. H., adult student (tai chi chuan)
I appreciate the passion and the patience (and occasional indulgence) exhibited by Sensei Bassels in the Tai Chi / Pa Gua / Qi Gong program. Highly recommend the weekly classes, for both the working-with-energy elements, as well as the martial applications of the Grand Ultimate Fist.

S. Davies, parent 8-12 and kids' kobudo class
I played sports as a child and understand the negativity that it can breed in a person. I prefer the classical way here where the emphasis is not on competition but practical skills and life-coping mechanisms. My daughter loves training, and her favourite is weapons class.

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