Youth Programs

Ages 13-17

Karate-do (empty hand way) is a generic word that encompasses many styles. Though various styles will be touched upon, the primary style here is Goju Ryu (hard soft style). This style of karate employs various forms called kata, blocks, grabs, holds, strikes, and takedowns. Students start at the beginner level class (white to red belt). The beginner's class establishes good fundamentals necessary to progress on to the intermediate level. At this level, students further refine their training through more complicated forms, techniques, and physical application. At 17-18 years, youth students will continue their training in the adult class respectively. A grade of black belt is awarded to those who are 18 years old minimum and pass a world-class Classical Martial Arts Canada grading.

Our youth programs are geared to the specific nature of teenagers and their development. Lessons are taught in a manner through which their age group has a foundation to make good choices. Due to the strong peer influence at this age, specific instruction is targeted towards this influence and other obstacles teenagers face.

Click here for the class schedule. Classes are twice per week, at one hour each. Upon achieving 4th kyu (orange belt), students may attend the sparring class at no extra charge.

You may schedule an assessment for your teen at no charge.

Filipino Martial Arts

Arnis is the product of many styles of knife and empty hand fighting that evolved throughout the Filipino archipelago of the Pacific. The sticks used are called yantok (Filipino term) or baston (Spanish term). The purpose of the sticks was to provide a safe manner of training in knife fighting. Gradually, the sticks took on a soul of their own and became the foundation element of this art. Various styles from many islands make up the body of arnis, though all styles adhere to good footwork, distancing, and attitude. It is here that lessons will begin. The main classics that we study are: Krusada (Espada y daga / Doble Baston), Dikitan, Palis Palis, Abaniko, Sungkite, Todo Salpukan, Labugay, Redonda, and Kuridas, and these styles will serve to make up the larger body of the lessons.

The arnis curriculum and format adhere to the standards of the International Modern Arnis Federation (IMAF) of Manila, Philippines, of which the school and its arnis instructors are members of. Ranks and certifications are awarded through IMAF. CMAC Mississauga is the official school for IMAF arnis in Ontario, Canada.

Sensei's Biography

Sensei JRP Bassels

Read the biography of the school's director and head instructor, Sensei JRP Bassels.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Start setting goals for your young ones!

  • Self defense
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Self control
  • Physical fitness
  • Increased energy
  • Street proofing
  • Self discipline
  • Motivation
  • Success

"The goal of many sports is competition; however, there is is a sense of entertainment of practicing a hobby. On the other hand, karate is the fight against one's self without having an opponent or object to go up against."

Gogen Yamaguchi, patriarch of Goju Kai (Japanese Goju Ryu)

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