21 Motivations to Train Martial Arts During a Pandemic

Jun 18, 2021 2 min read
21 Motivations to Train Martial Arts During a Pandemic

How can I train martial arts during the COVID pandemic? Here are 21 motivational ideas to get you started!

1. Train outside with someone. The fresh air will invigorate and replenish your energy—reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and improved mood are only a few of the benefits.

2. Train in your living room / bedroom / family room. Make sure your setup is safe: clear the area, clean the floor, and inform others that you will be using the space for training.

3. Do not wait. There is a time for patience… and waiting for COVID to be done, waiting for the “perfect time,” waiting for the vaccine, whatever you are waiting for, is called procrastination, not patience.

4. Practice outside in the woods or a park (where permitted), or your backyard. Benefits of being in nature include less anxiety, immunity boost, healthy weight, improved focus… we can go on!

5. Challenge yourself with less than ideal situations. Always ask for the strength to get through challenges, instead of asking for life to be easy—because it will not be easy anyway.

6. Karate! Join us for karate for all ages

7. Arnis! Join us on Wednesdays

8. Tai chi / Qi gong! Join us for energy work

9. Sparring class / Kickboxing! Tuesday sparring session with Mr Z

10. No excuses! Only solutions

Training outdoors in our outside training space allowed martial arts classes to continue safely, with the added health benefits of being outside!

11. Take advantage of online. Technology is a tool; let us use it for your benefit!

12. Private sessions in person (outdoors) or online

13. Join a free trial

14. Get a training partner. Having someone like-minded, who aims for self-refinement like you, will go a long way in keeping you on track

15. Talk to the instructor for motivation. We are always here to help!

16. Make it a goal—write it down and put it everywhere

17. Take a break from work or schoolwork to blast out some katas / forms /sets. This will help you be more productive overall

18. See this as an opportunity to define your character during adversity

19. Improve your fitness

20. Surround yourself with people who want to elevate themselves—the CMAC Dapo community!

21. Stop reading lists online and get yourself to a class!

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