About the Dapo Martial Arts School

May 24, 2021 5 min read
About the Dapo Martial Arts School
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Learn about CMAC Dapo’s history, present, and commitment to the martial arts. Today its reputation, like its longevity, reflects a deep and abiding dedication to excellence in every area of martial arts teaching and outreach.

Our goal is for students and graduates

to explore and build a relationship with their choices, attention, and intention— essentially themselves. The goal of classical martial arts training is to become a more refined, mindful, and attuned person, better suited to managing behaviour and instincts to work in concert with each other, regardless of creed, culture, status, or position.

CMAC Dapo Reviews and Testimonials
Read a few heartfelt testimonials from the CMAC Dapo community

CMAC Dapo · Mississauga and Brampton

is one of the regions’s leading and oldest martial arts insitutions, with a unique martial arts lineage that dates back to the 5th century. Today its reputation, like its longevity, reflects a deep and abiding commitment to excellence in every area of martial arts teaching and outreach.

Our Values & Principles

As a result of that commitment, our martial arts school enriches Mississauga, Brampton, plus international, national and regional communities in countless ways:

  • Through the education of children from kindergarten to high school age
  • Providing comprehensive adult programs
  • Developing the skills of its instructors
  • Sharing martial arts knowledge and cultural resources
  • Revolutionary martial art installations
  • Collaborating with other martial arts and education professionals
  • Publishing outstanding materials for further learning and study
  • Providing comprehensive adult programs
  • Developing the skills of its instructors

The School is also an immensely diverse institution with in-depth curriculums in karate, kobudo, niei chi, and arnis. It boasts a remarkable range of professional and cultural connections, from China, Okinawa, Japan, and the Philippines in the East, to Greece, Brazil, The United States, and First Nations in the West, and many more growing in Canada, among others.

We are committed to expanding martial arts beyond its limits today to empower students and communities past destructive behaviours towards working in concert for the advancement of humanity.

8 Great Reasons to Train with Us

Our mission

is to provide students tools to self-management through a martial arts education that refines oneself and elevates humankind.

We are driven to

  • Educate students about being the best me instrument they can be, in the we orchestra of the world
  • Reshape the model of teaching children martial arts
  • Refine ourselves through martial arts—create the best version of ourselves
  • Interface and collaborate with other leading organizations from around the world
  • Establish a relationship to the study of martial arts through art
  • Usher in a program that models skills and higher abilities for children to manage the shades of fighting and suffering in schools around the world

Read more about our Vision-Mission and history

Learn about our work for ~20 years

Our Work
From governments to charities, schools to offices, children to military forces, educational to tactical—and of course the hundreds of students and families served yearly—here is just a glimpse of the work that CMAC Dapo has been accomplishing over the last 17 years. Along with the constant refinemen…

Our Code

We train, teach, and live by the code of the martial artist

Honesty and sincerity
Heroic courage
Duty and loyalty

Policies and Higher-Arching Directives

Codes of Conduct, Instructor Requirements, Black Belt Code, Rules for Students, and more, are outlined in detail and available for reference of anyone interested:

Key Facts



Programs (Taught Weekly)



The way is in training


Mississauga and Brampton
Ontario, Canada
Various elementary schools and children’s programs across the Greater Toronto Area

Other Services in Addition to Regular Programs

Elementary and high school programs
Professional and executive programs
Private lessons
Art workshops

Black belts


Admissions (2019 Pre-pandemic)

288 Applications
107 Admits

Alumni and Community

Dapo Community - CMAC Dapo · Martial arts education for self-refinement
Articles from the Dapo Community—black belts, graduates, alumni, parents, students, and affiliates.


International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines

IMAF Philippines was founded by Professor Remy Presas, whose goal was to establish generations of arnis practitioners of all ages dedicated to the practice, promotion, and preservation of arnis in the Philippines and abroad.

The Council of Masters of IMAFP is the safe-keeper of the arnis tradition as well as its guiding spirit. It is this tradition that spurs them to undertake the task of strengthening the classical roots of Modern Arnis.

Grandmaster Bambit Dulay
Chief Instructor for IMAFP

IMAFP Affiliates

Philippines - Headquarters
North America: Canada, USA, Mexico
Asia-Pacific: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, UAE
South America: Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina
Europe: Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Russia

Affiliate Schools and Organizations
CMAC Dapo collaborates with other martial artists and schools to further drive learning and advancement of our field. Affiliates provide a diverse martial arts environment with many training opportunities and perspectives for a student’s growth as a martial artist. Martial Arts AffiliatesHome - Spar…

Director & Faculty


President and Head Director

Head Director and Chief Instructor of CMAC Dapo Lead artist, IAMDAPO Welcome! 19 years ago, I built CMAC Dapo with my own hands to be a martial arts school for the refinement of body, mind, and spirit. Now with its faculty, students, parents, families, and alumni, it is also a

Haris Shahdin

Brampton Director / Sensei

Haris Shahdin
Credentials Goju Ryu Karate-do - Sandan 3rd degree (CMAC) Goju Kobudo - Nidan 2nd degree (CMAC) Niei Chi Level II (CMAC) Modern Arnis Tapi Tapi - Lakan 1 (IMAFP-MATTI) Bio Haris Shahdin is the Head Instructor and Program Director for karate in Brampton. With nearly a decade of martial arts

CMAC Dapo Faculty

Mr R Gaite
Mr J Paradis
Mr R. Ralliaram
Ms R Samson
Mr A Senson

Teaching Assistants

Ms M Altaf
Ms A Carbone

CMAC Dapo Faculty
Meet the CMAC Dapo Instructors and Assistants—a faculty deeply passionate about the martial arts and our students’ growth through it.

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