Admissions Procedure

Apr 29, 2022 4 min read
Admissions Procedure
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Here, you can learn the 3 steps to admission: (1) Application (2) Assessment (3) Enrolment. By doing so, we hope you’ll learn more about CMAC Dapo, martial arts, and also yourself/your child, and your goals.

At CMAC Dapo, we enrol a diverse community of students who will train martial arts for self-refinement, to become the best version of themselves.


  • At the Dapo, a trial class is also referred to as an assessment class, since we assess the prospective student’s performance as part of their admissions requirement.
  • Keep in mind, this guide is based on admissions at CMAC Dapo. Other establishments will have different protocols.
  • Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate all applications. This is why we have Step 2—Assessments—to ensure we are a good fit for what you are searching.
  • Use the Table of Contents to help you navigate the page

1. Application

In the application, you will answer not only questions such as your schedule availability, but also more important ones like your overall goals, and important values that the martial arts will complement.

What do you hope to achieve through martial arts?

As outlined in our detailed guide, your WHY guides you to choosing what’s best for you.

2. Assessments

2. 1 Phone interview

An admissions officer will discuss your application with you via phone. After a successful interview, you will be able to book an in-class assessment. Just wait for our phone call—we will be in touch within 24–48 hours after submitting your application. We discuss fees and payments during the phone interview as well.

2.2 Free trial class

If your phone interview is successful, an assessment class may be booked. The admissions officer will assist you in booking your trial class.
An in-class assessment is the best way for the instructor to evaluate prospective students, meet parents, and answer further questions.

If you are thinking of bringing someone to try the class with you

Bringing a friend is a quick way to get comfortable in a new environment, so we encourage friends to try their first class together. As long as there are available slots, and your friend has a successful interview as well, both students can be assessed and admitted at the same time.
What happens in a martial arts trial class for children
A trial class is a regular class, where a prospective student is allowed to participate. It is the best way to know what it is like to be a student (and parent) of CMAC Dapo. We hope that this guide helps you prepare and have the best experience possible, no matter where your first class may be.

Confirm and show up for the trial class assessment

You are totally worth this! To make your goals in step 1 happen, you have to come to class.

3. Enrolment

When class has ended, the instructor will provide final assessment results and eligibility for admission. If the assessment was successful, you may proceed to administration to complete enrolment.

Some reasons for postponing admission

  • Age and maturity—usually waiting a few months makes a difference, especially with younger children
  • Poor assessment results
  • A more suitable establishment fits your needs and energy
  • Disrespectful behaviour and derogatory attitude

Sign up takes about 80 seconds—no kidding, we actually timed it.
Then come to your first class in full uniform as an official student!

And of course, train hard!

Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today.

If you prefer to decide at home, that is okay too. Slots are not reserved or confirmed until registration is completed. We will not chase you or try to convince you to sign up with sales gimmicks.

Let us work together!

If you like the program, and believe this is a good decision, then let’s work together in achieving the goals you have set out.


Training questions → Ask the instructor

For training questions, we encourage you to ask the instructor during your trial, or for parents, at the end of the trial. Getting your questions answered will help you make the most informed decision for yourself.

Admissions questions → Ask the administrator

For questions about payments, schedules, cancellations, absences, and the like, in case they were not addressed in our prior correspondences, kindly reserve them for the administrator, and discuss them at the admin area. We do our best to address this information prior to your trial class, so that you can attend your class with peace of mind.

Open House Information Sessions

We hold monthly information sessions for prospective parents and students one Saturday a month. Register for the next one to get your questions answered prior to your trial!
Open House Info Session · One Saturday per month
COMING SOON! We will offer an Open House information session every month. They’ll help you learn more about CMAC Dapo and what it is like to train martial arts here—and even view one of our grading exams!

Submit your application today

Start your martial arts training by submitting the application—we look forward to being part of your journey to become the best version of you!

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