Arnis Demo · Tungkod (Cane)

Apr 29, 2022 1 min read
Arnis Demo · Tungkod (Cane)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Anyo Tungkod

Demonstration of Anyo Tungkod (Cane Form) and its applications

Demonstration held at the 9th Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) World Festival
Bohol, Philippines · March 2018

Anyo Tungkod

Cane Form · IMAFP / MATTI
Form created by the late GM Cristino Vasquez

Applications by Guro Jason Bassels
Chief Instructor for CMAC Dapo Arnis Program · MATTI Canada

Also featured in demonstration is Mr Vladimir Vojtech
IMAFP Arnis Lakan 1

BasselsJ and Mr Vojtech worked daily to produce a quality demonstration of the tungkod that honours the form and its creator. All applications are originals from BasselsJ.

With thanks to GM Dieter Knüttel of the Deutscher Arnis Verband (DAV) for the wonderful video. Check out other martial arts videos in GM Dieter’s collection as well.

The flow must continue!

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