No arnis on Wednesdays in the summer

Jul 1, 2022 1 min read
No arnis on Wednesdays in the summer

July 10–September 10: Arnis will only be on Sundays from 1:30–3pm.

No Arnis on Wednesdays in July and August

  • Wednesday Arnis classes are postponed temporarily due to lack of student votes/participation on Wednesdays.
  • Majority of students have expressed their intended absence for Wednesday classes throughout July and August.

Arnis on Sundays only from 1:30–3pm

  • Arnis will remain on Sundays at the usual timeslot noted above
  • Arnis will continue to have a double session on this day

Note that you still get 2 sessions in one day

  • All students in the karate program attend 2 separate days to get their 2 sessions per week
  • Arnis students only need to attend one day per week to receive their 2 sessions
  • The second day that was being offered at no extra charge to you
  • The second day being offered was also available as a makeup session/extra practice session
  • Mr Roman is always ready to answer questions at the end of class (this is his own time!), to anyone who wishes to learn further

Students can also get together and train!

  • You can train at a local park, at the beach, or someone’s backyard—this is up to you.
  • If training together, please do not train in the CMAC Dapo backyard, as per our landlord’s rules
  • Please train safely and respectfully

School summer holiday closures

  • July 1–8
  • July 30–August 5
  • September 2–5

Intended resumption of Wednesday arnis classes

September 14
Above date is subject to student votes and interest

Salamat po,
Instructors and staff
Arnis program

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