Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Bassels J’s inspirational address for the first grading of 2021: Be the wick that hosts the light!

Grading Address for February 2021

Every grading, CMAC Dapo Head Director BasselsJ addresses the audience with a short speech about the martial arts, training, the shades of fighting, how martial impacts our lives, and how we can impact others.

This grading was the first of 2021. It has certainly been a year of unexpected challenges, and as martial artists, we always adapt to circumstances. Those still training, whether online or in-person, have truly risen to the occasion. Parents and students who are still involved make CMAC Dapo a strong community. Our active student body, resilient faculty, and supportive families have allowed us to remain here even after a year.

We hope you all take the time to listen to this inspiring message, and be strong enough to be the wick that hosts the flame!

Video: Be the wick that hosts the light!

2021-02-27-Grading-The Light.mp4
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