How do children start to learn self-defence?

Oct 17, 2021 1 min read
How do children start to learn self-defence?

Self-defence begins with good habits.

At this school, we teach by example and experience. Children and youth cannot rise to low expectations, cannot overcome difficult obstacles by avoiding them, or learn to manage big problems without first learning to manage little ones. This is why self-defence begins with good habits like brushing one’s teeth, cleaning up after oneself, doing homework, taking the initiative, and helping out at home.
Because most fights begin as arguments or misunderstandings, we also enforce good etiquette before and during class. Children must address each other with respect, listen to their seniors, enter and exit the training area with courtesy, and assist where they can without needing to be asked or noticed. Courtesy and respect are the foundation of martial arts and is a strong theme in every class at this school. Good manners and attitude are a thousand times more effective than a good punch. All higher skills will stem from good manners inside and outside the school. Compassion, not aggression, is the hallmark of a well-trained martial arts student.

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