Arnis Filipino Martial Arts in Toronto, Mississauga

Apr 29, 2022 3 min read
Arnis Filipino Martial Arts in Toronto, Mississauga
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Arnis / kali is a weapons-based martial arts system involving sticks, blades, knives, and empty hand that evolved from the Philippines.

We teach Filipino Martial Arts in Toronto area (GTA, Mississauga). Arnis / kali is a weapons-based martial arts system involving sticks, blades, knives, and empty hand that evolved from the Philippines. The arnis / kali classes at CMAC Mississauga encompasses Modern Arnis and all its classical roots, and is taught by Guro BasselsJ to students interested in Filipino Martial Arts in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and the Greater Toronto Area and also to military and police forces worldwide. MATTI Canada is our official designation for arnis / kali.

Arnis · Kali · Escrima

We are the official Canadian representatives of—

MATTI — Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi International
IMAFP — International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines
WFMA — Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis

All our ranks and certifications are obtained directly from our parent organizations in the Philippines.

Program: Arnis · Kali · Escrima · Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)
Style: Modern Arnis, Classical Arnis
Attendance: Students get two back-to-back classes per session, so you get your 2 classes in one day. 2 sessions are available per week, so you can get up to 4 classes in a week.
Ages: Teens/Youth · Adults
Experience: Beginners accepted. No experience required
Pre-requisite: In-class assessment
Gear: Official MATTI Canada arnis shirt · 2 arnis sticks
Schedule: Wednesdays · Sundays
Location: Mississauga

Arnis / kali classes in Toronto, Mississauga

Arnis is the product of many styles of blade and empty hand fighting that evolved throughout the Philippines. Various styles from many islands make up the body of arnis, though all styles adhere to good footwork, distancing, and attitude.

        arnis filipino martial arts training illustration
Arnis training in the Philippines. Illustration by Guro BasselsJ

Arnis Curriculum

Arnis Basics

Twirling and stick handling
And more

Arnis Classics

Distancing, timing, footwork
Palis palis
Todo salpukan
And more

Arnis Concepts

Doble baston
Solo baston
Espada y daga

Arnis Applications

Locks and traps
Sinawali training

Where We've Taught

Thrive in a supportive community

The school environment is challenging but not competitive, driven by the shared purpose of refinement through training. The goal of all arnis students is to practice arnis as a “Way of Peace,” just as Modern Arnis founder Remy Presas has intended.

Direct lineage from the Philippines

Instructors continuously train with the grandmasters in the Philippines to ensure that skills and knowledge are transferred accurately

Access to further training opportunities

As community members of Filipino Martial Arts in Toronto and the GTA, we always post enriching seminars, competitions, and events to the student body, both local and abroad. Most notable is the FMA World Festival, the largest international arnis / kali / Filipino Martial Arts gathering right in the Philippines, the birthplace of arnis.

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