Martial arts for homeschoolers in Mississauga

Sep 1, 2022 3 min read
Martial arts for homeschoolers in Mississauga
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Take advantage of martial arts classes during the day, organized for homeschoolers and children educated at home.

We offer daytime martial arts classes in Mississauga for homeschooled children and families! In these karate classes for homeschoolers, children acquire important tools to live a strong, purposeful life.

Classes are postponed at the moment until a minimum number of registrations are received.

➜ Daytime classes are scheduled specifically for homeschoolers—avoid the after-school traffic and rush times
➜ Smaller group classes
➜ Mixed age group - Students ages 4–12 will be in one class
➜ Connect with other homeschooling groups and families

Martial Arts is a Way of Life

“Got two kids enrolled with Sensei Bassels for years now. I can't say enough good things about his establishment. He has great integrity and he's made it his mission to instill discipline in his students. His anecdotes are effective in reaching and touching the core of the students. Martial arts is a way of life and not just about racking up trophies or belt levels. That's the central message delivered by Sensei Bassels and the team and I completely agree with him. Sensei Bassels and team: you make the world a much brighter place. Thanks for all you hard work over the years.”

—Adnan M, parent of 2 children
one in the 8–12 class and another now graduated to the youth class
martial arts class girl takedown

Overwhelmed with juggling work, home, education, and all the unforeseen parts of raising a strong, confident child?

Research suggests that good martial arts classes—karate specifically—provides physical and mental tools so students can arrive at the best person they can be.

Instantly Benefit from Martial Arts Classes for Homeschooled Kids Ages 4–12 in Mississauga

Ages 4–7
Karate for children

Read the top 19 benefits of martial arts classes here. Each martial arts school and program is different, so choose one that fits your goals.

We Work With

Improved Respect and Integrity in my Children's Behaviour

“My three children have been attending CMAC dojo for over 4 years and they have learned in addition to their karate skills valuable morals. Their confidence has increased and they show respect and integrity in their behaviour. Thanks to Sensei for his hard work and dedication to the students. After every class my children come home telling me that today’s class was the best. I’m glad that they are learning karate and are enjoying their experience. The staff are very helpful and are accommodating and promptly address my requests.”

— Versha J, mother of 3 students in 8–12 class

Thrive with other like-minded homeschooling parents and students

Connect with other homeschooling groups, parents, and kids. The school environment is challenging but not competitive, driven by the shared purpose of refinement through training.

Discipline, respect, and core values

Learn about, develop and practice important virtues

Solutions to real-life obstacles

Students will learn skills to manage obstacles they encounter in real-life, from screen time management to bullying

Increased confidence, mental-emotional resilience

Are just a few benefits to your overall health from martial arts training

Complement your parenting

The values taught at the school should complement your values at home—developing well-rounded children with strength of character

Book your free trial class
Start at CMAC Dapo for free by trying a class. Due to limited space, your booking is not guaranteed until our staff confirms your appointment. Thank you for understanding.

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