How to use

Jul 4, 2022 2 min read
How to use
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

How to use and navigate the new website

Dear Parents, Students, Families,

Hope your summer has been invigorating!

In case you were unaware, we launched a redesign of our new website

CMAC Dapo · Martial arts school for self-refinement
Train at CMAC Dapo martial arts school in Mississauga and Brampton—be the artist of the best version of you—body, mind, spirit.

It is now hosted via Ghost, a carbon-neutral, non-profit, open-source platform.

Watch the how-to video

To get the most out of it, we created this video for you.

Or you can just read the details here

Please reference the item number with the photo.
1  - Click the bell icon for schedule and closure announcements
2 - Enter your search query to find info quickly
3 - Open the left menu for frequently accessed items
4 - Navigate left and right for the latest articles
5 - For prospective students and families, go to apply or contact pages on the top right.

Contact us for website feedback

We strive to provide you the most updated info in the simplest way. For comments, suggestions and bugs, just contact us.

Have your own website or small business? Link to us, and we’ll link to you too!
We believe in supporting small businesses and standing strong as a community. If you have a website, we can organize a link exchange between us. Please contact us for details on this.

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