Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Apply for admission into martial arts programs at CMAC Dapo Mississauga. Classes are available during the week and weekends—check the best class timings for you.

Download the schedules for martial arts classes in Mississauga

The schedule will open in a new window.

Creating the best schedule for your martial arts study

Can I attend back-to-back days?

Yes, some students attend back-to-back days. Your schedule is completely up to you. As long as space is available, you may attend on that day.

How many classes can I attend?

Minimum attendance is 2x per week. Basic Training is 2x per week. Advanced Training is 3–4x per week.

What if I miss a class?

You may make up any missed classes by attending one of the other classes in your program.

Absence and vacation reporting

All absences and vacations may be reported via email to admin/at/

How long is each class?

Depending on your age group and program, classes are between 45–60 minutes each.

Calendar of Events for the Year

View the year’s calendar

Check the year calendar for closures, gradings, events, and other important dates at CMAC Dapo.

Download the schedules for martial arts classes in Mississauga

The schedule will open in a new window.

Understanding your martial arts schedule

How are classes calculated monthly?

Each month must have minimum 8 classes.

This means, that even with holidays and closures, for 1 month—you get 8 classes, 2 months—you get 16 classes. Sometimes the combination might be that you get 7 classes the previous month, and then you get 9 classes for the current month. Below is a calculation for reference.

Months/Weeks Classes
1 month / 4 weeks 8 classes
3 months / 12 weeks 24 classes
6 months / 24 weeks 48 classes
12 months / 48 weeks* 96 classes
52 weeks* Actual calendar year
*52 - 48 = 4 weeks 8 holidays in a year

↑ As you can see in the table above, in a year, there are already 8 holidays already budgeted in your tuition.

What if there are holidays or closures?

Do I need to make them up? Do I get credit back?

All holidays and planned closures are already budgeted into all fees and tuition. There is no need to make up a school holiday. There are no classes credited for closures due to holidays and planned closures.

Are you closed on major holidays or long weekends?

Yes, during long weekends and major holidays, we are closed the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the holiday weekend. Please check our yearly calendar for a complete list of holiday closures.

What is the policy for inclement weather?

We monitor the weather throughout the day, especially during winter. We will inform all students 1 hour before class starts, in case of cancelled classes due to the weather. If you do not hear from us, that means we will be open!
If a class is cancelled, students may make it up anytime by attending other classes in the program you are enrolled in.

Spaces are limited—submit your application to confirm slots.

Submit your application
At CMAC Dapo, we enroll a diverse class of students who will learn to use martial arts to create the best version of themselves.

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