Self-defence class Mississauga, Brampton (For Ages 4–7)

Apr 29, 2022 4 min read
Self-defence class Mississauga, Brampton (For Ages 4–7)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Self-defence for younger children is fundamentally different from an older child, a teenager, and adults. Training is founded on core virtues, contrasted by non-virtues, which are foundational life lessons that children can take with them through their life.

CMAC Dapo self-defence classes in Mississauga and Brampton are martial arts programs where children acquire important tools to live a strong, purposeful life. The programs described in this page are for children ages 4–7. For other age groups, check out all our programs.

➜ Strengthen physical abilities: coordination, balance, awareness
➜ Develop relevant self-defence skills: self-management, attention-management
➜ Learn life lessons: improved respect, confidence, emotional intelligence

The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Not only do I love the dojo but my kids are crazy about it. They look forward to going there every week and they get sad if they ever find out they'll be missing a class. I absolutely positively love all the people at the dojo. Sensei is approachable and very friendly and an amazing person to have in depth discussions with. My kids have learned a lot from the dojo. From respect for everybody to respect for their belongings. Being polite and kind to one another. A lot of it is what we teach them at home but having someone like Sensei reiterate it all makes all the difference in their understanding. All in all, you can't go wrong choosing this school for your kids. It may be the best decision you ever make for them.

—Mehwish J, parent of 2 children in the 4–7 class

Overwhelmed with juggling work, home, education, and all the unforeseen parts of raising a strong, confident child?

Research suggests that a good martial arts education—karate specifically—provides physical and mental tools so students can arrive at the best person they can be. This self-confidence is a key step to self-defence.

Instantly Benefit from Self-defence Classes for Kids Ages 4–7 in Mississauga and Brampton

Karate for 4–7 years

A self-defence class for younger children is fundamentally different from an older child, a teenager, and adults. First, we begin with what children understand, which is the physical training. We also work on mental and socio-emotional skills. All of these are founded on core virtues, contrasted by non-virtues, which are foundational life lessons that children can take with them through their life.

In addition to the physical lessons, we also employ artwork, storytelling, poetry, role-playing, and games to address a young child’s needs and development. Read the top 19 benefits of martial arts programs here. Each self-defence class is different, so choose one that fits your goals.

An Understanding of Courtesy and Respect

The Only Competition is Against Myself

This school has been my home since I was 6 (I’m 18 now), yet the more I train the more I realize the training never ends, which is a testament to Sensei’s level and depth of skill. Without martial arts I don’t know where I’d be today. Everyone genuinely cares, and the classical approach ensures that the only competition is against myself. They brought me up with an understanding of courtesy and respect, which is the most important lesson I’ve been taught. This is a great place to learn martial arts for everyone.

— Rhys R, university student and CMAC Dapo alumni
Trained from 6 years old all the way to the adult program
Black belt graduate class of 2018

We Work With

Thrive with other like-minded parents and students

Thousands of families have benefitted from the martial arts training here, since 2005. The self-defence classes are challenging but not competitive, driven by the shared purpose of refinement through training.

Discipline, respect, and core values

Learn about, develop and practice important virtues

Solutions to real-life obstacles and self-defence situations

Students will learn skills to manage obstacles they encounter in real-life, from screen time management to bullying

Increased confidence, mental-emotional resilience

Are just a few benefits to your overall health from karate training. Self-defence starts with confidence at a young age!

Complement your parenting

The values taught at the school should complement your values at home—developing well-rounded children with strength of character

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