Mladen Miljas, heavyweight boxing champion of Canada, held a sparring clinic in December 2019 at CMAC Dapo.

Sparring Clinic with Canadian Heavyweight Champ Mel Miljas

Mr Mel Miljas

CMAC Dapo Alumnus · Karate-do
Class of 2011
Defending Heavyweight Champion of Canada

Mr Miljas held a sparring clinic for CMAC Dapo students in December 2019. He also did a short talk and Q&A with the youth students in early 2020. Even as a Canadian champion, he remains humble, grounded, and ever-motivated. You can read more about Mel “Monster” Miljas, and watch some videos, in the Toronto Sun article below ↓

MEET ‘MONSTER’: First stop: Canada, next stop: the world
Despite being crowned Canadian heavyweight champ four months ago, Mladen Miljas has not exactly become a household name.

Thank you Mr Miljas!

for sharing your martial arts knowledge and life wisdom to those who have come after you at the dojo. We wish you the best of success as you pursue your goal of being the heavyweight champion of the world.

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