Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Get a consolidated view of what’s new at the Dapo this month—upcoming events, closures, class updates, and more.

Dear Students, Parents, and Families,

There are lots to look forward to at CMAC Dapo this fall!

1. NEW Saturday classes

Beginning Sep 10

10:00–10:45am Ages 4–7
11:00–11:45am Ages 8–12

Kindly reply to book your slot now, if you would like to switch one of your training days to a Saturday.

2. You‘re invited to the Mudansha Graduate Grading on September 24

Saturday Sep 24 at 5pm at CMAC Dapo

Everyone is invited to watch the grading of our brown belts aiming for their Mudansha Graduate level! Students ages 8 and up are allowed to spectate.

The Mudansha Graduate is a level certifying that a student has learned all information in the kyu ranks. A Mudansha Graduation is required in order to attempt black belt —think of it like your high school diploma. You can go into “post-secondary studies” aka black belt levels (referred to as Yudansha levels), or just finish your martial arts studies with your Mudansha certificate.

3. NEW Daytime Classes for Homeschoolers

Beginning September 22

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Let us know if you are interested!

4. Black Belt-only seminar on September 25 at the NEW Norval training hall

Only 25 spaces available

4 seminars in one day, taught by senior directors of former CMAC
Exclusive to black belts only, not just Dapo black belts but black belts from other schools will also be attending.

Save the date!

5. Other important dates

Sep 14 → Arnis will return on Wednesdays
Sep 3–5 → No classes at all Dapo locations

Enjoy the rest of the week, and we wish everyone the best for back-to-school season!


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